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Davey's HD 15's

These 4 HD15's came togeather fairly quickly and easily.

We didn't have access to a full workshop like some people, just a jigsaw, electric screwdriver, sander, planer, pencils and a ruler.

We cut out guides for the curved pieces to follow as you can see. Then glued all the 5 pieces at once, and screwed them into the bottom. Alex would then bend the pieces (by standing on them!) while i screwed things in every couple inches. Was a bit hectic, but worked perfectly and very quick!

The curved bits are solid as hell, but only problem is they bow a bit in the middle. The bracing fixed this a bit, and you can't really notice it.

Took about 5 days from start to finish. You can see how they go with the rest of the rig we built. We need to look at different ways to stack it all though.

They are loaded with 4ohm 600w PD158's driven with a QSC RMX2450.

The system:

The whole system sounds a lot better with the scoops running just sub below 75hz. It is a bit sub heavy as the scoops are running 5kw - but thats cool.

We designed the mid-tops ourselves and they are loaded with 2 x 12" 450w Fane colossus mids, a 1.5" JBL 2447 comp driver and 2 Fane bullets.

Cheers Rog, the HD15's have been a great addition!

Contact our sales department if you are enquiries to get listed.