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Dom's HD 15's


The first one we built up from one side, which made it very difficult doing the curved section. All the rest we made as per the photos, by building the box, but not gluing the top, which we then removed to do the curved sections. That kept everything square as we were building it, and gave us easy access to everything. Once the curved section was done, we glued the top panel in place, added the angled piece and the brace (which we cut to fit each box)

Other than that, we made a template out of MDF for all the screw holes, which means there's no need for any layout (or having to think about hitting a screw from another side), we just drill through the existing holes and thatís everything done. A mitre clamp from Wilkos was worth every penny (£1.99 or something daft) for clamping sides together whilst we glued and screwed them. Also spent some time making router templates for handles, connection plates etc, which make life simple. Everyone should have a router... I am also now a complete New Yankee Workshop Junkie.

Sound wise they are ace, they are all loaded with PD154's, we drive them 3 to a channel off QSC PLX3402's which seem to cope just fine, and are dead hard hitting around the kick drum which is exactly what we wanted as we are a techno soundsystem (we have had house boys use it who've asked could we make the kick drum less "kickdrummy", which we thought was a great compliment to the design...) On top of that I can get 6 of them in the back of a Volvo 240 Estate, with enough space for flightcases for decks mixer amps etc on top of them, and being able to carry them by yourself is a real godsend.

We get people asking all the time if they can have the design, people are generally amazed at the sound that comes out of these little boxes.

Cheers for such a great site,


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