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Basic/Novice Questions

What do the driver T/S parameters mean and will they help me choose the best driver?

Do I need to apply any delay to drivers when using horns?

Would I be better off using the PD 184 driver instead of the PD 1850 driver in short folded horns?

Which of these three RCF drivers will give me the most SPL in a reflex box and why?

Will the PD 186 or PD 184 driver give me the highest output in a horn loaded cab?

You once said that bass drivers for horns should have an EBP of over 130, how important is this?

I Have some question about the construction of the MT 102 mid top horn

Can you tell me what’s the best type of top end to use with a 12” driver?

I need a system for doing small parties, should I use horn loaded or reflex

Which specs should I look for in a driver for midrange horn use?

How do I calculate the extra space need that is taken up by a driver or port in a box?

Why don't you like scoop bins?

Advanced Questions

What are the main reasons for using a phase plug?

What happens to the low frequency output when you combine short horns?

Is a horn with a length of less than 1.67 meters a bandpass enclosure or a horn?

How do I go about designing multiple horns to combine and operate as one large horn?

Which loudspeaker software do you use/recommend?

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