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Why don't you like scoop bins?

I donít like scoop or rear loaded horns cabinets because the output from the front of the driver is out of phase from the output of the horn or rear of the driver. This causes a dip in the frequency response, which normally occurs around the 70 to 90Hz range for 15 or 18" bins. It is in this 70 to 90 Hz range that we hear or feel the kick or speed of the bass. Most scoop bins have a 3 to 6 dB dip in the response around that area making the cabinet sound slow and heavy. Scoops lack any real punch and detail and are very difficult to mix a band on. Bigger scoops with 21" drivers will have the dip lower down at around 50 to 60 Hz and the dip in response will be less pronounced with the more cabinets you use.

I much prefer folded horns as they do not have this dip and phase abnormality around the crucial 70 to 90 Hz frequency range. Folded horns are capable of reproducing the music very accurately and exposing a lot of detail, detail you would just not hear with a scoop bin. Folded horns also throw the sound a lot further than scoops. If you walk away from a scoop bin the sound seems to disappear after about 35 feet, with folded horns the sound travels a lot further.

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