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Ian's 184 Subs

Dear Rog

Finished, completed and road tested! And incidentally my marriage is still intact even though the kitchen has been my workshop for the past three weeks and our best sitting-room the paint shop! Attached (hopefully) is a picture of the little beauties which we used for the first time on Friday night. They sounded fantastic and gave us a whole heap more bass extension than we had experienced before together with the punch and clarity we had hoped for. It's early days at the present time and we need to experiment just a little more with the right crossover point - when we have a little more time we will take the p.a. down to a local hall and experiment to our hearts content.

Even though it's been quite hard work getting them completed I have really enjoyed the challenge of putting these speaker enclosures together.

Can I just say on behalf of the band and myself a really big thank you for your time and trouble and first-rate service over the duration of this project; we really appreciate it. We hope to get many years of service out of these units and who knows may come back to your site for further designs in the future. I hope we can keep in touch, but for now thanks once again and best wishes.


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